The importance of clothing in trekking

The importance of keeping our body temperature stable will facilitate the practice of any mountain sport that we decide to do, therefore, it is vital to choose the right clothing.

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What is the 3 layer theory?

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For any activity in the mountains, we must choose a clothing that keeps our body dry, avoiding both the condensation of our sweat and the rain and snow falling on us, in addition to being warm to combat low temperatures. This is where the three layer theory, in which with only the combination of three pieces of clothing we will create a small microclimate to protect our body from bad weather and our sweat, and thus avoid feeling uncomfortable. This combination was proposed by the clothing brand Helly Hansen. The best thing about this theory is that it can be applied to any type of sport we do, be it hiking, mountaineering, mountaineering, skiing, snowboarding, mountain biking, etc; or even motorcycling, since our aim is to protect ourselves from the weather.

First layer / Inner layer / Second skin

76/5000 It is the layer that is in contact with the skin. Its main function is to keep our sweat away from the skin, avoiding the sensation of humidity and that our body cools down. For this they are used materials non-absorbent composed of synthetic fibers (such as polyester, polypropylene or chlorofiber) or lana of a new generation, that let all the sweat produced by our body pass through.

Second layer / Insulation layer / Outer layer

The function of the second layer is to insulate ourselves thermally. These garments do not heat us directly, their mission is to retain the heat generated by the body and prevent it from cooling, while favoring the evacuation of sweat. The idea is to use materials insulators that, even when wet, manage to keep their insulating and breathable properties intact. For this we can find in the market a wide variety of synthetic fibers (polyester) and natural (wool) that perform this function. 

Third layer / Protection layer / Outer layer

The function of this third layer is to protect ourselves from three main factors:

  1. From outside humidity: keep us dry in the face of rain and snow, that is, impermeability.
  2. From the outside wind: avoid the feeling of cold caused by the wind and low temperatures.
  3. Of our sweat: allowing its evacuation since the previous layers have not had to retain it, that is, breathability.

We reiterate the importance of this last layer being the most breathable possible, since as we have mentioned at the beginning, our own sweat can soak our clothes causing us great discomfort and even hypothermia when we cool down considerably.

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