How to choose a backpack for trekking?

Without a doubt, after choosing your footwear for hiking or trekking, another of the most important decisions you will make when you are equipping yourself for the first time or renovating your equipment will be the choice of your backpack.

Here are the best backpacks of 2020

Considerations when choosing your backpack

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Pay special attention to the thickness of the fastening tapes and the finishes of the seams, it is important that you look robust. Try all the adjustment and closure systems of the backpack, the zippers (they must slide smoothly and have a flap that covers them once closed) and check that the latter are well sewn. When selecting the fabric with which to The t-shirts will be made, rather than reviewing specific materials, the basis should be that you always choose fabrics that are above all soft, very ergonomic, breathable, that do not irritate your skin and that they will allow you to move freely at any time of your day. A point that we consider to be also very important is that these fabrics should also be durable and very resistant so you can optimize the use of your T-shirt to the max.

The empty weight of the backpack also matters. As far as possible choose the lightest one, but that this lightness does not compromise its resistance. There is no use in a backpack that is so flimsy that it cannot support the weight of its contents. The recommendation for a day in the mountains is that the total weight of the backpack and its content does not exceed 10% of your weight. Always select t-shirts that can keep the temperature but they dry quickly, that is, they do not accumulate sweat in different areas of the garment because in the end there will be stains and bad odors will be noticed.

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