Hiking and camping, the perfect combination

Preparing a previous list with the essentials and the advisable things will help you not to miss or about anything on your next camping trip. We show you the best camping products.

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Camping and camping accessories


Camping and camping accessories are more oriented to the comfort of campers, who need diaphanous and top quality materials for their camping.

In this sense, it is essential to be provided with accessories such as the following :

A quality tent . Water and wind resistant, comfortable, spacious and light. The weight of your tent can vary depending on the type of camp, how and where you are going to organize it.

If you have a car and need a large and baggy tent for your guests, glamping tents are usually an unparalleled option.

In the event that you go with just enough space, without a car and also have to walk a few kilometers on foot to set up your tent, it is more advisable to get a more compact and lightweight tent. Ideal to carry in your backpack.

In this regard tunnel tents, igloos and instant tents are always the best option.

Other important materials are:

  1. A integral sleeping bag that is comfortable and adapts perfectly to the climate of the region you are going to visit. A fundamental aspect to take into account is the preference for individual sleeping bags or double sleeping bags, to share with the couple.
  2. In hot and tropical climates and without too much risk of mosquitoes you can also choose to use a hammock . Light and practical where available, but not to the taste of all adventurers and hikers.
  3. The backpack is another of those key accessories for your camping . It is essential that it has good ties, it adapts well to your back and torso and that it is resistant to water and scratches.
  4. A good multipurpose pocket knife is another of those basic utensils in the pocket of every lover of wild camping. Don't forget that your knife must have a quality edge , a robust and reliable grip and a good opening and closing system . In our store we have knives for all tastes, all of proven quality and top quality.
  5. The flashlight is another one of those essentials that almost no one forgets before going out camping or hiking with colleagues. Some manage only with the mobile, a key device in any walk in the field, but which is very short as the only light. In addition to the risk of being damaged by excessive use.
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