Hiking with your own style

The clothing for this activity is halfway between mountain and adventure clothing and allows us to move in nature with total comfort and high-level benefits.

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It is an activity that can be done accompanied, allows you to enjoy the outdoors

Going out into the mountains with the right clothing is essential to face any setback. In the mountains, weather conditions can change abruptly in a short period of time. In addition, hiking is usually practiced in little or no inhabited areas. These two reasons are more than enough to wear suitable hiking clothing that allows us to face any setback that may arise during the route.

Layer system
Technical garments are designed to protect us against any adversity without affecting our technique during the activity. However, it is necessary to take advantage of the qualities of each type of garment so as not to diminish its benefits.

The sweat in the mountains can become our worst enemy, with sudden rises and falls in our body temperature that can lead to hypothermia. Hiking is no exception. So, with the arrival of synthetic fabrics to the outdoor world, mountaineers use a layering system when dressing that, in addition to regulating body temperature, provides protection against adverse weather conditions. This system is often referred to as the three-layer system.

The first layer is directly in contact with the skin. The main function of this garment is to keep us dry and cool, while eliminating sweat in the form of steam. In addition, they must be garments that absorb and are made with quick-drying materials.

The second layer has the mission of maintaining body heat. For this, synthetic fibers are the best option; Since this type of fiber protects heat much better than natural fibers such as cotton, for example. In addition, synthetic fibers dry faster than natural fibers.

Synthetic fibers trap the heat generated by the body and do not let it out. However, this type of garment incorporates openings –usually in the form of a zipper- to regulate the temperature.

The third layer has the function of protecting us against any adversity; especially climatological such as rain, wind or sun. Although it also provides protection against possible friction with rocks or vegetation. The garments for this layer must be light, windproof, highly breathable and waterproof. For the latter, there are waterproof membranes of which one of the best known and most efficient in the outdoor world is Gore-tex.

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