Everything you need fits in YOUR BACKPACK

Cuando se trata de travesías en la montaña, es necesario contar con el equipo adecuado, entre lo que no puede faltar la mejor mochila de senderismo que sea resistente y con una buena capacidad.

These are the best hiking backpacks of 2020

Size does matter

Hiking is a type of sport suitable for the whole family and that can be combined with wonderful geocaching

This is where the first doubts appear. The first thing you have to be clear about is that at all times we are going to talk about a suitable backpack to practice a day of hiking , hiking or trekking . This is very important, unfortunately the universal backpack does not exist.

Surely in the back of the closet we will have four or five different backpacks, each of them with suitable characteristics for different activities that we carry out; a tiny backpack (10 l.), a waterproof one for the canyons (15 l.), a pair of attack packs (25 and 35 l.), a touring backpack of medium autonomy (45 + 10 l.) ...

The main difference they have is their volume in liters.

¿Qué mochila elegir?

Una mochila en condiciones es una inversión, y ofertas hay, sí, pero después de lo leído no dejes que sea la mochila la que te elija a ti. Con esto lo que te pretendo decir es que no te compres una mochila «buena» sólo porque el vendedor te diga que es una gran compra y que está al 50% de su precio. Lo más importante es que la mochila primero cumpla todo lo que anteriormente te he dicho, y si después está de oferta mira qué bien, eso que te encuentras.

Pay special attention to the thickness of the fastening tapes and the finishes of the seams, it is important that you look robust. Try all the adjustment and closure systems of the backpack, the zippers (they must slide smoothly and have a flap that covers them once closed) and check that the latter are well sewn. 

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