Camping and nature

Traveling while camping, besides being a lot of fun, has a strong economic component. However, it is difficult to go camping if it is your first time. If you are determined to go camping, take a look at our products.

Tents and camping

Tips for keeping a tent

mantenimiento de una tienda de campaña

Before storing the tent, make sure it is dry.

Clean it up and straighten all the pegs so that the next time you use it you will not be surprised.

Make sure the ground does not have stonesand roots to avoid tearing the ground. In addition, this way you make sure you can sleep comfortably.

When setting up the tent, look where the wind comes from, and mount it in the opposite direction. If not, there would be a possibility that the wind would blow the tent away.


In mounting, tighten the cords that the store carries well. This will allow to stretch the flysheet and separate it from the room. This way the air chamber will be well defined. In this way, it will use its thermal insulation function correctly.

Put a plastic under tent to avoid humidity.

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