Hiking in autumn

If you are going to go out into the natural environment walking, you must take into account some factors. Hiking safely requires care, planning and the products we offer you.

What is it and how do I go hiking?

Las torceduras de tobillo y los resbalones son los accidentes más comunes cuando se practica senderismo

What began as a simple hobby, walking outdoors, has become a complete sport with more and more followers every day: hiking .

Walking is one of the physical exercises that is the simplest, most comfortable and complete. Medical specialists recommend an active life in which walking a minimum of 30 minutes five days a week is sufficient to preserve health. However, if the physical conditions and of each one allow it, it is advisable to increase this minimum of physical activity .

For those who enjoy walking, one of the best options is hiking , which, according to the Spanish Federation of Mountain Sports and Climbing (FEDME), is "a sports practice that it is developed preferably by the traditional road network and that is focused on all those people who like to walk ”.

Basically, what differentiates it from similar activities such as hiking or trekking is that in hiking the trails are approved and identified with markings, generally of different colors, that indicate their difficulty and that are usually placed on stones at the edge of the path, vertical signs or even the own trees. These routes are usually passable throughout the year, for all age groups and, furthermore, as a bonus, they have a scenic or cultural interest.

Equip yourself with the best and enjoy!

Tips: Hiking for beginners


Before starting a hiking trail

¿Hay algo mejor que explorar y estar al aire libre? Lo más parecido es planificar la ruta y el viaje. Por ello, antes de realizar cualquier deporte de exteriores, por poco impacto que tenga, es necesario planificar la ruta de antemano. Sumérgete en los mapas y consulta la ruta para saber por dónde vas a transitar. En una misma ruta pueden existir diferentes senderos según su nivel de dificultad.

Put on warm clothes, suitable footwear , always carry a good GPS and get used to going home if conditions change! Remember that it is a hobby.

How long does it take to complete the route? How many kilometers is it? What is the level of difficulty? These are some of the questions that you will have to answer when preparing your departure. It is also important to know the meteorological information to prepare the necessary materials and equipment.

Hiking equipment

When it comes to hiking clothing, opt for comfortable clothing according to the weather conditions .

When it comes to hiking clothing, opt for comfortable clothing according to the weather conditions . A suitable footwear for hiking will be your best ally to be able to walk and avoid injuries or falls. For this reason, good-waterproof hiking boots are essential to take care of your feet. Although it may seem trivial, this is one of the most basic hiking tips for beginners: you cannot enjoy this sport if the equipment is not adequate, and in that regard, good footwear is essential to make the most of a route.

When it comes to choosing footwear for the mountain, our advice is to try it on with the socks that you will wear with the boots, so that you choose the correct size. As for the backpack, also opt for a waterproof option or a raincoat cover for your backpack. If you want to avoid falls and overloading your legs, a hiking pole can be very useful.


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