Handheld GPS for geocaching, trekking and hiking

A GPS locator also serves to locate your car by activating an alarm, in case you do not remember where you have left it.

Handheld GPS, ideal for geocaching

Types of GPS for geocaching, trekking and hiking

If you thought there was only one type of GPS for geocaching, trekking and hiking you are wrong. In fact, there are several categories of products on the market. Some models include many of those categories, making them more versatile.

✔ Simple mountain GPS

It is ideal for adventurers who want to equip themselves with a simple and small device that allows them to find their way in any circumstance. With a basic preloaded map, no color screen, no Wi-Fi, or non-basic features.

✔ A portable mountain GPS with the possibility of loading maps, apart from the base map.


It also has functions for water activities such as paddle surfing, fishing or for boats. Most GPS's are waterproof, but not all have the same standards. There is a lot of variety in this range.
There is also the option of the portable GPS with connectivity, excellent alternative because it extends the functions of the device. They have the ability to share wireless data, smart notifications, sensors, and connected objects, even all at once.

✔ Mountain GPS watches

They are becoming more and more popular. Very useful for navigation, this type of GPS watches It is also used for running or for any physical activity that requires performance monitoring. Most of the data is focused on fitness, but higher-end models also provide mapping software

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