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GPS watches: The best solution

GPS watches provide other advanced exercise metrics: heart rate, elevation gain or even our maximum oxygen consumption ...

The best GPS watches of 2020

How to choose the ideal GPS watch?


Although there are common parameters to all watches with GPS, there are specialized watches for running, golf, water sports, mountain ... so before opting for one watch or another, first think what sport are you going to use it for and with what intensity and frequency are you going to do it

In general, we will take into account the following aspects:

Battery duration

Is one of the most important parameters.

 If we want our watch to measure how our training is, we need it to be able to measure it from start to finish. Thus, if we are preparing a marathon or hiking in the mountains, the minimum is that its autonomy covers those hours of activity.

Accuracy in measurements: GPS, GLONASS, accelerometers ...

The Global Positioning System or GPS is able to determine the position of an object on Earth with a precision that can range from centimeters to hundreds of meters away. This system works thanks to a set of satellites positioned around the globe and uses trilateration: three satellites locate the latitude and longitude of the device and a fourth specifies the altitude.

Mapas para tu reloj GPS

Some models of watches with GPS include maps to be able to see where we are and what the route has been, with information such as the unevenness, geographical accidents, roads, thermals (show the busiest routes), etc.

And many other factors such as altitude, advanced metrics, etc.

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