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How to choose a GPS for geocaching, trekking, outdoor and hiking?

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GPS o brujula

Let's see what we need to know to choose the GPS that best suits our geocaching, hiking and trekking outings.

The first thing is to see the characteristics that make a GPS more complete or better adapted for use in geocaching, trekking and hiking (these may vary for other types of activities such as mountain biking, mountain races, etc.).

The main characteristics to take into account when analyzing GPS devices

are (they are not listed in order of importance):

  • Screen and manageability

  • Weight and size

  • Battery type

  • Memory

  • Construction, materials and device protection

  • Digital compass and barometric altimeter

  • Additional features

  • Software and maps for your device

  • Usability with free software


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Using the mobile phone as GPS


Disadvantages of using the mobile phone as a GPS

I have always been very reluctant to use my mobile as GPS, due to its limitations:
  • They are more sensitive equipment, normally they do not have a very robust construction and they do not withstand humidity and dust well.

  • They carry batteries that are not standard and also the trend is that they cannot be changed

  • They are battery guzzlers. All this smartphone functionality consumes battery life, including the large and bright screens. Cold has a huge impact on battery life

  • Displays do not look good in direct light and have a lot of reflections

  • If the battery breaks down or runs out, not only do we run out of guidance device, we also lose the main communication and warning equipment in case of emergency

  • They are typically less accurate than dedicated GPS devices

Bearing in mind these limitations, it must also be taken into account that the mobile is a very widespread device and in the absence (or as a complement) of a mountain GPS it is an option to consider.


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