GPS devices

Goes where nobody goes

The only thing you will need is a car charger or a battery to charge your mobile and a support to mount your smartphone on the dashboard and see your route well. 

Choose your GPS and benefit from the offers

Why should you buy a car GPS navigator?

  • GPS coverage is usually better and you avoid using up your mobile battery
  • You do not spend the data of your internet rate. On a long trip it may be something to consider
  • GPS for cars are perfect for traveling abroad, where we do not have our mobile rate.
  • You can easily download the maps to navigate offline. There are many applications to even add geocaching routes, trekking, hiking, etc.
  • The GPS for cars distract you less than a smartphone (no messages, calls, notifications etc) with which we will avoid accidents.

What Should You Look For To Buy A Good Car GPS Navigator?

  • They are easy to handle (we don't want distractions in the car)
  • Have them calculate the route and the GPS signal quickly
  • Quickly recalculate the route when you get lost
  • That responds to touch quickly
  • That they offer you traffic information
  • That she speaks to you clearly and indicates the directions to take well in advance
  • That they connect with your smartphone and complement each other
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