Geocoins and trackables

The first geocoins were developed by Jon Stanley (also known as moun10bike) as a distinctive item to be cached.

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What is a traceable or trackable?

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Trackables are geocaching game pieces that have a unique tracking code. The tracking code allows you to track your movement on

Trackable owners can set a goal for their trackable. Trackables stay with their owner or are moved from one geocache to another, sometimes with a sheet listing their target. When another geocacher moves a track, the owner receives a notification and can monitor the trip that their track is taking.


Types of trackable

  • Travel Bugs Un Travel Bug es el estándar para rastreables. Los Travel Bug son placas de identificación de metal, generalmente están unidas a otro objeto.
  • Geocoins Una Geocoin es un trackable especial invented by Moun10Bike . Geocachers often create geocoins to commemorate special events or as a signature item to leave in geocaches. There are Geocoins of all shapes and sizes. Geocoins are often kept in personal collections. 
  • Otros trackables o rastreables Además de los tradicionales Travel Bugs y Geocoins, hay todo tipo de artículos que tienen códigos de seguimiento únicos asociados, como etiquetas, camisetas, pegatinas, legos y tatuajes.

There are traceable codes where you least imagine!

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