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Still don't know what geocaching is?

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Geocaching is a fantastic game where treasures of no economic value are found anywhere

Sports technical shirts. Good weather arrives, spring and summer, and with these seasons also come sports disputes, training outdoor sports and in groups. For that, in e-shirts we have a whole part of our sampling in charge of outstanding technical shirts for training sports due to their breathable fabrics and ergonomic designs. Personalized t-shirts for running, for paddle tennis, for tennis, for any sport you will find on our website the impeccable t-shirt for sports equipment. For less than € 2 you will have the possibility to adjust the technical shirts with the logo or name of your outfit or your sponsors. We take care of delivering quality t-shirts with the design you choose and at a price that is truly unrivaled. Enter our website and ask us for an online quote without duty.

The best GEOCACHING jerseys of 2020

Tips for choosing the perfect shirt

all the treasures of geocaching

Value the comfort that the garment can offer you. Think that the technical shirts must be comfortable yes or yes and they must provide you with a lot of comfort during each use. This is so whether you are going to use them to practice sports or if you are looking for a technical shirt for a party or event, comfort is the key.
When selecting the fabric with which the shirts are going to be made, rather than reviewing specific materials, the basis should be that you always choose fabrics that are above all soft, very ergonomic, breathable, that do not irritate your skin and that they will allow you to move freely at any time of your day. A point that we consider to be also very important is that these fabrics should also be durable and very resistant so you can optimize the use of your T-shirt to the max.

As for the seams, they should always be flat or else the friction could end up hurting you or rubbing your skin. Assess this point well and check the seams whenever you can when selecting a good shirt.
Always select shirts that can keep the temperature but they dry quickly, that is, they do not accumulate sweat in different areas of the garment because in the end there will be stains and bad odors will be noticed.

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