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Our wide selection of t-shirts will make your geocaching adventures strike the perfect balance between fashion and hobby.


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How to choose the best geocaching shirt for men?

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Cotton or polyester t-shirt?

This is a question that raises doubts. Sometimes we assume that cotton is the perfect selection in clothing, because it is an organic, soft and absorbent material. But, not in all cases it should be used. An example of this is found in sports. To do some sport it is necessary that the clothing allows the body to perspiration. Although there are disciplines that make us sweat more than others, it is always going to be a good option to choose synthetic sportswear. Cotton garments, regardless of their quality, prevent the body from expelling toxins properly, they become soaked with sweat and end up becoming heavy.


Sportswear should be light, to help you eliminate moisture caused by sweat, and be dry. The correct clothing for running, crossfit, or any high intensity sport should be polyester and nylon.

Geocaching t-shirts

Geocaching, far from being one of the high-effort sports, could be practiced with any of the aforementioned fabrics. However, at this point, we will choose the garments that protect us the most from the elements, with which we are most comfortable and, of course, the most beautiful.

As for the seams, they should always be flat or else the friction could end up hurting you or rubbing your skin. Assess this point well and check the seams whenever you can when selecting a good shirt.
Always select shirts that can keep the temperature but they dry quickly, that is, they do not accumulate sweat in different areas of the garment because in the end there will be stains and bad odors will be noticed.

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