Original containers for geocaching

We could tell you that there are few geocaching containers, but the reality is quite another. We present you the largest collection of ready-to-use geocaching containers.

The best containers for geocaching

4 tips for hiding caches or geocaches

all the treasures of geocaching
  1. Find several caches before hiding one of yours. This will help you see how different caches can be. It is generally recommended that you find at least 20 geocaches before hiding one.
  2. Think about your favorite caches and why you enjoyed them so much. Was it the location? The container? The story on the cache page? Try to reproduce the elements you enjoyed and add some of your own.
  3. Make sure the container is waterproof and will withstand the elements. It is better to use an airtight container than a plastic bag.
  4.  Don't forget to maintain your cache.

This involves changing the logbook when it is full, checking the cache often to see if it is still healthy, and responding as quickly as possible to "maintenance needs" logs. Don't forget that cache owners have the maintenance tool in their dashboard to help them keep their caches up to date.

For any questions we advise you to read the correct geocaching guide.


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