Accessories and devices for geocaching

Every good geocacher has in his backpack an infinity of accessories so that he does not miss anything in the search for his TREASURES. Do you want to know what you need?

The best accessories for geocaching

What geocaching accessories do I need?

The best accessories for geocaching

Whether it's geocaching in a park or about to get a T5 abseiling, having the right tools can make the difference between a FOUND and a DNF. In fact, thanks to some nifty hiding places, some geocaches may require certain tools to be needed. The tools in the photo are some of our favorites that help make geocaching easier and more fun.
Take a look at these 9 accessories for geocaching (smartphone with Geocaching app and / or GPS device not included):

  • UV or normal flashlight.
  • Spare batteries or batteries (sometimes used to power motors that open geocaches)
  • Camera: don't forget to post your photos on our facebook 😉
  • Useful tools: such as tweezers to extract log books from microcaches
  • Pen: The most important! Try to carry more than one.
  • A Little Roller - Use this to help reroll the microcache records.
  • A magnetic pen - Sometimes metal geocaches hide in hard-to-reach places
  • A multipurpose tool: Very useful. There are caches that are very elaborate and you may need to remove a screw.
  • A Retractable Mirror - A smart geocacher tool to look under benches without raising suspicions.
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