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How to buy the best geocaching shirt for kids?

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What shirt do I buy for a little geocacher?

As for the material, the most common is usually cotton, since on few occasions we will make routes that require great efforts. Although if it is summer it may be better to choose one with protection for UVA rays. Cotton is an organic, soft and absorbent material. Although cotton garments, beyond their quality, prevent the body from expelling toxins properly, they become soaked with sweat and end up becoming heavy. We must also take into account the quality of the cotton that has been used in its manufacture.

Children's t-shirts for geocaching

Geocaching with kids is rarely a high-effort sport, at least for them. However, before buying a t-shirt for the little one or the little one, we will take into account that they protect them from inclement weather, with which they are most comfortable and, of course, the ones that they will like the most. 

As for the seams, they should always be flat or else the friction could end up causing damage when rubbing the skin. Assessing this point well and reviewing the seams whenever possible when selecting a good shirt can be the difference between hearing constant complaints or not.

When buying, always select t-shirts that can keep the temperature but they dry quickly. That is to say, that they do not accumulate sweat in different areas of the garment, avoiding stains and bad odors. Especially when we talk about geocaching t-shirts for kids. If you also choose one like the one you bought, you will surely love it. And if you are looking for something else to give your minigeocacher, they will surely love some walkies talkies or a flashlight something special.

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