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Our wide selection of t-shirts will make your geocaching adventures strike the perfect balance between fashion and hobby.


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How to choose the best geocaching shirt for woman?

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Buy a cotton t-shirt?

We are going to buy a shirt or give it away and we hesitate between the design, the size and also the material. Choosing between a cotton t-shirt or a polyester one (also called technical t-shirts) is one of the most common doubts that arise. Sometimes we assume that cotton is the perfect selection in clothing, because it is an organic, soft and absorbent material. But, not in all cases it should be used. A clear example is found in sports. If we are going to practice geocaching in extreme conditions, it is advisable that the clothing we use be made of a lightweight material that helps eliminate moisture, so the most recommended is polyester or nylon.


T-shirts for geocachers

Geocaching could be practiced with any of the mentioned fabrics. However, when buying we will choose the garments that protect us the most from inclement weather, with which we are most comfortable and, of course, the ones that we like the most.

As for the seams, they should always be flat or the friction could end up hurting you. Do not forget to value this point well and check the seams whenever you can when buying a good shirt.

If you are also going to buy the shirt to give it to someone, perhaps what you are looking for is not a shirt to practice Hiking or mountain crossingBut simply a shirt that geocacher likes and can also wear on his urban adventures. If you don't know what to give to that familiar geocacher that you have in the family, here we leave you a lot of ideas that they will love. Also take a look at our geocaching containers and our Handheld GPS to get it right for sure.

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