Action cameras

Action cameras

With an action camera, we can record or take photos while we practice a risky sport or while we do cualquier tipo de actividad.

How to choose an action camera?

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Action cameras allow us to take videos and photos at any time and place. Thanks to its versatility, resistance and accessories, we will relive our adventures in a spectacular way.

With an action camera we can record, or take photos, while we practice a risky sport. Or while we geocaching, trekking, hiking. We can even submerge the camera in water. In some models with accessories and in others if they.

How to choose an action camera?

Well, the first thing to consider is its use. We do not need the same characteristics if we go hiking or geocaching in a city as we do trekking or snowboarding. Even if we are going to use it to make videos cooking or making crafts for the viewer to see it in the first person. Once its use is decided, we must establish the budget. If you do not have a spending limit, we recommend the GoPro HERO9 right now. If you have a tighter budget, check the following characteristics: battery life, stability, accessories included, resistance ... We hope you like our selection and that you enjoy recording your adventures.
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More resolution.

Shoot stunning 5K movies that retain great detail even when zooming in and capturing 14.7MP frames. It also records in 4K, 2.7K, 1440p, and 1080p.

More pixels.

Capture sharp, professional-quality 20MP photos and use SuperPhoto to ensure you get the perfect shot.


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Tips for choosing an action camera

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Characteristics of an action camera

When we start to see action cameras the first thing that will catch our attention is the resolution. For a long time, this number has not meant much because having more pixels on the sensor does not translate into better image quality. It is easy to find which model each one has: Sony, OmniVision, Panasonic ... Of the specifications that we can see with the naked eye in an action camera there are two aspects that should interest us. On the one hand the battery: important to pay attention to how much capacity each model has. The autonomy is very variable and will depend a lot on how we record

video: if we do it in Full HD it will last us a little less than in HD 720p, if we also do it with the WiFi on we can use it for less time ...

If you are going to use the camera underwater, remember to protect your camera with a case. If you need it, because some current models no longer require a housing in the water and we can submerge them up to 10 meters deep.

But beware! They also usually have restrictions on the number of meters they can withstand underwater. Some can even only be submerged in fresh water, as the salt in seawater can be very corrosive.

You will have to take all this into account if you do not want to have a scare as soon as you start using your camera Read the instructions well and don't play it!

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