They can not miss when it comes to hiking

Before going hiking you must take into account the essential material that you have to bring. With these accessories you will always carry everything.

Accessories for everyone!

What hiking accessories do I need?


Hiking route plan

Before starting any trekking excursion, it is very important to know what we are going to face, what type of roads we are going to walk on or the environment, so it is highly recommended that we get a map of the area.

It would be highly recommended to mark the route on the map with a marker with the help of a compass, so that if there is a dense fog, you can follow the route with the help of the map and the compass.



If we are going to do the hiking route alone, it is highly recommended to carry one, since as we have said in the previous section, with a compass and a map you can perfectly reach the destination set. Of course, you would have to learn to use it to be able to reach your destination and not appear 15 km in the opposite direction.
If we have lost the signs of the hiking trails or there is very dense fog, or we have gotten lost, it is It is very important to know how to use it.
They can be purchased for between € 20 and € 60, although nowadays all smartphones incorporate it.

Personal Identifier

Not only for hiking, but you should always carry your ID and health card, since many things can happen that require them.

Utility knife

We may not get to use it that day, but it doesn't hurt to carry a utility knife. We do not need those that have a thousand functions, but with a straight blade, can opener, punch and saw blade would be enough. If we were camping, we would already have to have one with some other function.

First aid kit

You may slip, cut yourself on a branch or suffer a mishap on the trail, that's why a small medicine cabinet with a few plasters, a mini bottle of alcohol and another of mercromine, together with a bit of cotton, a bandage, a Dotted envelope and hypoallergenic tape can get us out of most problems.

With this and some other little thing, you will surely enjoy your routes more.

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