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Action cameras!

Action cameras allow us to take videos and photos at any time and place.

With an action camera, we can record or take photos while we practice a risky sport or while we do geocaching, trekking and hiking. We can even submerge the camera in water.

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Geocaching is a fantastic game where treasures of no economic value are found anywhere

When we talk about online store of sports equipment we can go through all kinds of training materials such as trekking shoes , GPS navigators , watches, utensils and accessories for geocachers ...

Here, the sale of sports equipment online at the best price of 2020 . Whether you are looking for sports equipment for trekking or if it is for geocaching, hiking, mountaineering ...

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3 tips for geocaching in winter

all the treasures of geocaching

Look for geocaches with the "Available in winter" attribute. It is always best to properly plan your geocaching outings and, in winter, this should be done thoroughly. Put on suitable footwear , take supplies and water, your GPS and ... DON'T FORGET THE PENI! .
If it's too cold to go out and search for caches Get to solve Mysterys! You will have a lot of new caches to search when it is warmer.
Put on warm clothes, suitable footwear , take always a good GPS and get the idea to go home if conditions change! Remember that it is a game.

Nueva GoPro HERO9

Más potencia. Más nitidez. Más estabilidad. Sensor de 23,6 MP. Vídeo en 5K. HyperSmooth 3.0, un 30 % más de duración de la batería.